Aindo and Mia-Care launch partnership

Aindo and Mia-Care join forces to provide innovative solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences

Aindo has officially started a new partnership with Mia-Care, part of the Mia-Platform group. Mia-Care is a company that supports the digital transformation of the Healthcare and Life Science industries. The collaboration aims to enhance the digital solutions offered to Healthcare and Life Science companies, with particular attention to data quality, availability, security, and privacy.

Mia-Care specializes in bringing medical software to the Healthcare and Life Science market. Aindo provides the technology for privacy-secure and reliable data sharing. Their partnership will establish a more comprehensive strategy for data collection, cleansing, and validation, with particular attention to data security and privacy.

“We are proud and eager to partner with Mia-Care, a leader in digital solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences,” comments Alessandro Di Pietro, Head of Business Development at Aindo. “By combining Aindo’s cutting-edge technology for creating high-quality synthetic data with Mia-Care’s expertise and extensive network, we aim to improve data quality in the healthcare sector. This partnership will allow us to enable secure data sharing, deliver unbiased, rebalanced datasets, and foster responsible technological innovation in the industry.”

Marzio Ghezzi, CEO at Mia-Care, adds, “This collaboration with Aindo represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide innovative and compliant digital solutions for the healthcare and life sciences sectors. By integrating Aindo’s synthetic data capabilities with our microservice-based architecture, we can enhance the quality and security of medical data, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare services.”

About Aindo

Aindo is an innovative Italian company dedicated to synthetic data. Aindo enables organizations to unlock the hidden value of their data via the Synthetic Data Platform. The platform uses the latest advances in generative AI to create synthetic data that mimic the original data but preserve privacy. They retain and improve the analytic value of the original data, but are devoid of personal information. This enables secure and fast data sharing, fair and balanced data, and improved analytics.

About Mia-Care

Mia-Care is a leading company that supports the digital transformation of the Healthcare and Life Science industries. By adopting Mia-Care, corporates can benefit from a significant acceleration of time-to-market, a sharp reduction in IT costs, and easy integration with internal and external touchpoints.

Mia-Care provides an internal developer platform that speeds up the development and management of digital healthcare applications. With their cloud-native software suite, DevOps Teams can seamlessly design, build, deliver, and orchestrate digital services leveraging a composable architecture approach.

Mia-Care is part of the Mia Group, a global provider of cloud-native platform engineering solutions. Gartner has named Mia Cool Vendor 2021 for Software Engineering and recognizes Mia-Platform as one of the first products to offer a ready-to-use Digital Integration Hub platform.

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