Synthetic Data:
AI done responsibly.

Aindo’s generative AI technology creates hyper-realistic, yet fully synthetic data. These replace personal data and rebalance biased datasets for safe and fair analysis.

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Platform features

Your gateway
to AI innovation

  • Improve ETL performance and boost throughput to its highest level

  • Automatically annotate data and open up endless opportunities

  • Effortlessly apply business intelligence methods ranging from statistics to advanced artificial intelligence

  • Visualise your data in intuitive dashboards

  • Provide secure data access to third-party stakeholders

  • Open up new revenue streams by trading in data assets

Seamless user experience

How does it work?

Aindo’s platform comes with an intuitive user interface. It effortlessly connects to all major database systems and tools.

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All the formats, all the data
All the formats, all the data

The Aindo Synthetic Data Platform supports all organizational data, no matter how complex.

Effortless connectivity
Effortless connectivity

The Aindo Synthetic Data Platform is compatible with all major database systems.


Our platform boasts a visual and intuitive interface where all the steps and functions are clearly explained.

Privacy by Design
Privacy by Design

Our platform can be employed locally, meeting all your technical and organizational privacy measures.

The industries

The benefits of AI,
without the ethical concerns.

Synthetic data enables AI innovation at scale in many industries.

Transform your data to transform the future

The synthetic data platform for businesses that want to change the world.