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  • Daniele Panfilo
    Daniele Panfilo
    PhDCEO, Co-founder
  • Sebastiano Saccani
    Sebastiano Saccani
    PhDHead of R&D, Co-founder
  • Borut Svara
    Borut Svara
    MScCTO, Co-founder
  • Alessandro di Pietro
    Alessandro di Pietro
    MSc, MBAHead of Business Development
  • Alexander Boudewijn
    Alexander Boudewijn
    PhDHead of Communication
  • Davide Ruffo
    Davide Ruffo
    LLMChief of Institutional Relations
  • Elisa Scandariato
    Elisa Scandariato
    MScHead of Operations
  • Gianluca Lionetti
    Gianluca Lionetti
    MScFinancial Controller
  • Jasper Krapp
    Jasper Krapp
    MBAStrategy Consultant
  • Sabrina Zinutti
    Sabrina Zinutti
    MAScience Communications Officer
  • Gabriele Sgroi
    Gabriele Sgroi
    PhD candidateSenior Machine Learning Scientist
  • Ginevra Carbone
    Ginevra Carbone
    PhDSenior Machine Learning Scientist
  • Michele Berti
    Michele Berti
    MscMachine Learning Scientist
  • Davide Nigri
    Davide Nigri
    MScSoftware Engineer
  • Matteo Scorcia
    Matteo Scorcia
    MScSoftware Engineer
  • Simone Ziraldo
    Simone Ziraldo
    PhDLead Software Architect

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