Aindo Synthetic Data Hackathon

Aindo organizes Synthetic Data Hackathon

hackaton Aindo Synthetic Data Hackathon: teams Binary Brilliance and Hack Vanguards receive their prizes in Rome

Aindo Synthetic Data Hackathon

On the third and fourth of February, Aindo’s first Synthetic Data Hackathon took place. The event, supported by Televita and student association AI2S, was organized in collaboration with the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering at the Sapienza Università di Roma and with Università degli Studi di Trieste.

More than 60 university students took part in the competition. Students teamed up in groups of two to five and used synthetic datasets to develop predictive AI models with innovative smart home applications. The teams had implemented their solutions on the day one. On day two, they presented their solution to each other and an evaluation committee. This committee awarded three prizes based on two criteria, namely: quality of performance and quality of presentation.

Team Binary Brilliance from Rome received the Best Overall Score, excelling at both criteria. For the Best Performance, the Hack Vanguards proved to be the heftiest opponent, whereas the Quantum Quotients from Trieste stood out with the Best Presentation. This first edition of the hackathon was a big success: many students participated, finding this an excellent opportunity to deepen their knowledge and to explore the potential of synthetic data. Moreover, the competition showed on a pragmatic level how synthetic data can be integrated in our daily lives. As such, Aindo will continue raising awareness around the importance of synthetic data technology in future AI applications.

We thank all our partners for their dedication and commitment in organizing the event with us: Full Professor Laura Palagi and Assistant Professor Giulia Palombi from the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti of Sapienza Università di Roma; Andrea de Lorenzo from Università degli Studi di Trieste; Michela Flaborea and Michelangelo Flaborea Zvech Mreule from Televita S.p.A.; Andrea Gasparin from AI Student Society (AI2S).

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