Aindo: Generate to Share Event

Aindo organizes event to raise awareness of data privacy and responsible AI

Generate_to_share The Aindo team at the Generate to Share event

Aindo: Generate to Share Event

On February 12th 2024, at the scenic 31st floor of Pirelli Palace in Milan, Aindo had the honor of hosting the event “Generare per condividere: Dati Sintetici per uno uso etico dell’Intelligenza Artificale” (“Generate to Share: Synthetic Data for the ethical use of AI”), sponsored by Regione Lombardia and Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca (MUR). The event brought together prominent voices to discuss the state of AI and data privacy. These included policy makers, academics, and industry representatives.

Aindo co-founder and CEO Daniele Panfilo opened the evening. In his speech, he outlined how synthetic data technology reconciles AI innovation with privacy and fairness. As such, it is a vital tool in leveraging AI responsibly in crucial sectors such as healthcare. The acknowledgement of synthetic data in the European Council’s AI Act underscores this.

After a fruitful discussion, the event culminated in two major announcements. Firstly, Regione Lomdardia will work on a Code of Conduct for the re-use of data for research purposes. Secondly, Aindo will make its synthetic data platform freely available to academic institutions.

The event showcased the commitment to responsible innovation of the involved parties. It proved the need for technologies like synthetic data, opening the way for safe and fair AI.

We thank all the esteemed speakers and institutional representatives for taking part of the event: Vice President of Senato della Repubblica Licia Ronzulli; President of Regione Lombardia Attilio Fontana; Vice President of Regione Lombardia Marco Alparone; Minister for Tourism Daniela Santanchè; Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso; Vice Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy Valentino Valentini; Undersecretary for Innovation at the Presidency of the Council Alessio Butti; President of VII Commission of Regione Lombardia Anna Dotti; Undersecretary Minister of Education and Merit Paola Frassinetti; Councilor for University, Research and Innovation at Regione Lombardia Alessandro Fermi; Dean of SISSA Andrea Romanino; Full Professor from the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti of Sapienza University Laura Palagi.

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