Aindo and BeRebel project admitted to IVASS sandbox

Aindo and BeRebel are teaming up to enhance insurance data-driven solutions in the IVASS sandbox

We are proud to announce that Aindo, in partnership with the InsurTech company BeRebel, has been admitted to the IVASS regulatory sandbox. IVASS is the Italian Institute for the Supervision of Insurance. The sandbox offers a controlled environment for testing and developing cutting-edge tech products and services and identifying the most appropriate regulatory measures in the insurance field.

In the project, Aindo – one of the companies that pioneered synthetic data technology – will work closely with BeRebel, a leading car insurance agency of Unipol Group. Aindo will generate synthetic datasets that will be used to develop innovative insurance products and improve current data solutions. The generated synthetic data will enable secure sharing of information and enhanced Machine Learning models. This will also allow for the improvement of existing insurance services offered to customers.

The regulatory sandbox will last for twelve months. The results will allow for the exploration of new potential synergies between different stakeholders in the insurance field, who could also benefit from the use of synthetic data.

About Aindo

Aindo is an innovative Italian company dedicated to synthetic data. Aindo enables organizations to unlock the hidden value of their data via the Synthetic Data Platform.

The platform uses the latest advances in generative AI to create synthetic data that mimic the original data but preserve privacy. They retain and improve the analytic value of the original data, but are devoid of personal information. This enables secure and fast data sharing, fair and balanced data, and improved analytics.

About BeRebel

BeRebel S.p.A. is an agency of Linear Assicurazioni that has created the only monthly pay-per-use online car insurance. It is 100% owned by Unipol, Italy’s leading auto insurance group.

BeRebel is a car insurance policy that offers flexible, kilometer-based pricing. Using a device called RebelBot, it tracks your monthly kilometers and adjusts the premium accordingly. This approach encourages sustainable driving habits. BeRebel provides a user-friendly app for policy management, ensuring transparency and control over your insurance costs.


IVASS – the Institute for the Supervision of Insurance in Italy – is a body endowed with legal personality under public law whose goal is to ensure adequate protection of insured persons with a view to the sound and prudent management of insurance and reinsurance undertakings and their transparency and fairness towards customers. IVASS pursues the stability of the financial system and markets.

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