Aindo Secures Investment How, Why, What's Next?

Daniele Panfilo, CEO and co-founder, on Aindo’s recent success, technological impact, and next steps

Aindo Team Aindo’s founding team. From left to right: Borut Svara, CTO; Daniele Panfilo, CEO; and Sebastiano Saccani, head of R&D.

On October 18th, Aindo announced securing a €6 million investment led by United Ventures. With this investment, Aindo will continue its mission to enable AI to benefit society while respecting our rights and freedoms. The investment comes at a crucial moment: artificial intelligence (AI) has proven its potential to make a positive impact. At the same time, the ethical implications of the field are sparking public debate.

In this blog post, Daniele Panfilo, CEO and co-founder of Aindo, reflects on the importance of dreaming big, Aindo’s revolutionary technology, and the company’s next steps.

The Importance of Dreaming Big

Undoubtedly, the two main factors in the success we recently achieved were our willingness to dream big and our stellar and friendly team. Aindo was founded on a big dream: a world in which AI directly benefits society, while respecting our rights and freedoms. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by a brilliant team to achieve this dream with. Aindo brings together some of the brightest minds in Italy and Europe. Above all, however, we are a friend group with a shared passion for responsible AI.

My propensity for dreaming is matched with Sebastiano and Borut’s [the other co-founders] pragmatism and eye for detail. Whenever I come up with a bold idea, they scrutinize it and consider it from new angles. Oftentimes, the ensuing discussions lead to creative and concrete practical steps for achieving my more abstract ideas.

Aindo’s Synthetic Data: The catalyst to AI innovation

Recently, generative AI caught the world’s collective imagination with its enticing text and image capabilities. However, most organizational databases contain valuable structured data, not just texts or images. Synthetic data retains this value but removes privacy concerns. It is the next revolution in generative AI.

To contextualize this: prior to founding Aindo, I worked as an AI expert in healthcare and insurance. I witnessed first-hand that AI offers a wealth of opportunities: it improves patient journeys and prevents financial crimes. Unfortunately, privacy concerns and data shortcomings such as bias and information gaps often hamper AI projects. Synthetic data technology overcomes these obstacles. Find out how it successfully fosters AI innovation in a previous blog post.

What is Next for Aindo?

With this investment, we enter a new chapter in Aindo’s story. In this chapter, we will bring together data, tools, and people to provide an unrivaled AI development platform. In particular, we will continue to:

  • Assemble one of the strongest AI teams in Europe, if not the world. Currently, our team already holds several PhDs in topics like mathematics, physics, AI, computer science, and ethics. We also hold MBAs from top-tier institutions like Oxford University. We are headquartered in Trieste and recently opened a location in Milan. We also have hybrid and remote team members in countries such as The Netherlands, Switzerland, and France, and Bulgaria. As the investment allows us to expand our team, we will continue to foster diversity and excellence.

  • Further the state-of-the-art in synthetic data technology. As one of the first teams fully dedicated to the discipline, we are proud to have contributed various innovations, making synthetic data generation possible for advanced data types and formats, including advanced structured data; relational data; geolocation data; and data with both statistical and deterministic patterns. We will continue innovating, making sure any organization can effortlessly adopt synthetic data, even if their data assets are siloed, unstructured, and involve complex patterns.

  • raise awareness about responsibility in AI development. Currently, we have a strong media presence. For example, we won the Best Startup in Industry award issued by Forbes Italia earlier this year. We also participate in seminal conferences and roundtables, including at the international conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP). The new investment allows us to upscale our communications activities, disseminating the importance of data privacy and fairness, and the importance of synthetic data in AI development.


As we embark on this exciting new chapter, Aindo is dedicated to its mission to enable AI to benefit society while respecting our rights and freedoms. What got us this far was a shared belief in our mission, as well as a stellar team. We also saw the potential of synthetic data in facilitating responsible AI innovation early on.

With the recent €6 million investment, we are poised to take our mission to the next level. We will grow our team; continue furthering the state-of-the-art in generative AI-based synthetic data; and advocate for responsible AI. We will bring together data, tools, and people to provide an unrivaled AI development platform.

Stay updated with our journey by following us on LinkedIn. Together, we can pave the way for an AI-driven future that’s ethical, innovative, and inclusive.

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