Aindo CEO speaks at Wired Health 2024

Aindo CEO speaks about synthetic data at Wired Health 2024

Aindo_Wired_Health From left to right: Emiliano Audisio (moderator, Condé Nast Italia), Giuseppe Jurman (director of Digital Health and WellBeing center of Fondazione Bruno Kessler), and Daniele Panfilo (CEO of Aindo)

Aindo CEO speaks at Wired Health 2024

Aindo CEO and co-founder Daniele was invited to speak at Wired Health 2024 on Wednesday, the thirteenth of March. The event was organized by Wired, Condé Nast Italia, and Humanitas University. Daniele contributed to the panel discussion “Fabbriche di dati” (data factories) alongside Giuseppe Jurman, director of Digital Health and WellBeing center of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

The healthcare sector is witnessing a major period of transformation through the adoption of pervasive technologies, such as AI. Technical innovation is invigorating the healthcare industry to deliver more effective treatment paths thus improving patients’ quality of life. This event focuses on this era of profound change in healthcare by discussing future possibilities as well as investigating the means to get there.

Daniele shared his expertise on synthetic data technology and its potential in healthcare. By overcoming privacy concerns and biases, the technology fosters responsible AI development. Daniele illustrated the revolutionary potential of the technology through a comparison with traditional privacy enhancing technologies. He then discussed its applications through examples in the study of rare pathologies and Parkinson’s disease.

Wired Health 2024 showed the many ways in which AI is revolutionizing healthcare. Technologies such as synthetic data will reconcile this revolution with human values. We thank the moderator Emiliano Audisio and the organizers of Wired Italia for organizing this insightful event.

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