Aindo CEO speaks at Italian House of Representatives

Aindo CEO speaks at government conference on artificial intelligence

Aindo_AI_and_Nautral_Intelligence From left to right: Carlo Barberis (president of Expo Training), Valentina Aprea (expert in training and employment policies), and Daniele Panfilo (CEO of Aindo)

Aindo CEO speaks at Italian House of Representatives

On February 21st, 2024, Aindo CEO and co-founder Daniele Panfilo spoke at the conference “Intelligenza naturale e intelligenza artificiale come elementi di competività del Paese. Le sfide per la formazione e la ricerca”. Organized at the Italian House of Representatives (Camera Dei Deputati) by Expo Training, the event explored the societal impact of AI.

In his speech, Daniele outlined how Artificial and human intelligence augment each other. For example, in healthcare superb AI diagnostic tools are increasingly common. Such tools allow physicians to identify patterns that the human eye cannot detect. However, AI cannot reduce the need for human experience, empathy, creativity, and ethics.

AI will continue to revolutionize our lives. The upcoming generation should therefore understand its strengths and its limitations. This will allow them to complement it with their human intelligence and values. Responsible AI technologies, such as synthetic data, provide a valuable tool in doing so. A regulatory framework favorable to such technologies is essential in keeping Italy competitive in the global AI industry.

We thank Alessandro Colucci, Secretary of the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, Valentina Aprea, expert in training and employment policies, and Carlo Barberis, president of Expo Training, for hosting this important event. We also thank the other esteemed panelists for their insightful perspectives: Anna Maria Bernini, Minister of University and Research; Tiziana Nisini, Vice President Labour Commission at Chamber of Deputies; Luigi Capello, LVenture Group CEO; and Irene Finocchi, Luiss Advisor for Digital Transformation.

The full event is available online here.

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