Meet the Team: Ginevra Carbone

Aindo Machine Learning Scientist shares her experience

Ginevra Carbone Ginevra Carbone, PhD, Machine Learning Scientist at Aindo

Ginevra Carbone is a Machine Learning Scientist at Aindo. In her work she combines her mathematical expertise with a unique flair for creativity and a passion for responsible artificial intelligence (AI). In this interview, we learn more about her background and her work at Aindo.

Tell us a bit about your background and your work at Aindo

I am a mathematician by trade, with a PhD in adversarial machine learning. A core research objective in this field is safeguarding AI methods from misuse. This includes making sure that individuals’ right to privacy is respected in AI development.

My work at Aindo closely relates to the themes of my PhD research. Currently, I am developing top-tier synthetic data technology. Synthetic data is highly realistic, yet fully artificial. As such, it can be used for analytic purposes and AI innovation without putting real individuals’ privacy at risk. Medical practitioners can for instance leverage synthetic data to develop superb prognostic models without putting real patients’ sensitive data at risk. Find out more about synthetic data in Aindo’s blog.

What drove you to join Aindo?

I met Sebastiano (Head of R&D) and Daniele (CEO) during a project at the University of Trieste. I found a strong personal connection to Aindo’s mission: I firmly believe the benefits of AI should be available to everyone. That’s why when the R&D team was expanding, I was happy to join.

I greatly enjoy my work and our office culture. I like that I’m surrounded by talented like-minded colleagues with whom I can share my ideas. The collaborative spirit and the opportunity to contribute to meaningful innovation make it an exciting and fulfilling place to work. Furthermore, I love our office’s location: it is situated near a scenic park, where we often spend our breaks enjoying the view!

What is it like to work at a young company in a highly innovative field?

One thing I love about Aindo is that the team respects scientific rigor and creativity. It means that I can develop my skills as a researcher and have a lot of professional freedom. This suits my drive and desire to be at the cutting edge of AI innovation.

Aindo is a unique research group, where innovative AI is immediately applied in practical settings. This makes the work diverse: on a given day, we may be confronted with mathematical intricacies; on the next day, we are solving hands-on practical problems. All these things make Aindo a great place for a researcher to grow. It is all the more rewarding to see the company grow with me!

How do you usually spend your spare time?

I enjoy staying up to date with the latest advancements in machine learning by attending conferences and participating in research communities. I also dedicate time to mentoring aspiring AI enthusiasts, sharing my knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of scientists. Besides AI, I am passionate about pencil drawing, movies, and music. I especially enjoy creating drawings using graphite and charcoal, reproducing highly realistic images, such as portraits. I also like curating and playing techno tracks for my friends!

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